This is the part of the site where the info about the site, affiliates, links, and credits are located. Let us start with the information about the site. Maiden is a shrine dedicated for Takiko Okuda of Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden; it is also the tafl approved fanlisting. I have been a fan of the Fushigi Yuugi series since the Suzaku Seriyu story. Takiko's story was mention in the series, and her story was mostly intriguing. Ten years later, Yuu Watase released the prequel to the Suzaku Seriyu stroy which is Genbu Kaiden. Currently the series is ongoing. What I like about Takiko is that she is very much different from the other priestess, she is tough and she can take care of herself. She is a good example of a tough and intelligent lady.

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More information about the site is located below. Affiliation requests are open, any Fushigi Yuugi related sites {shrines, fansite, fanlistings} are accepted. If your site is Yuu Watase related, don't hesitate to apply too.