friends and acquaintances..

Making fansites have gained me a bunch of awesome friends and amazing acquaintances through the years. This page is where you'll find a list of sites owned by web-masters that share the same interest as mine. Feel free to view them all, you'll be amaze at the community out there.

Cat . The Wonder Woman .
» Cat is one of the most creative and nicest people I know. Cat can bake yummy cookies, make her cosplays perfect and amazing. She also draw realistic animal illustrations with the use of fine lines with careful use of colours. She's really amazing, and I've known her for many years now.

Aku . The Sugita-nizer .
» The Ms. cool of the bunch. Aku! This lady is one of the most amazing artist and designers I know! Seriously, she designs by mixing colours and typography with her Super Saiyan powers. Everything she does is well thought, unique, and eye-catching (even if she makes some of her sites spontaneously!) Aku is really nice, and it's really fun talking to her about anything either about nose picking guys or serious topics. lol.

Kula . The YaoiMegane Queen .
» One of the nicest and honest people I know and a talented designer, Kula! Her skills in coding and designs are amazing! I really like how she combine textures and brushes into one harmonious design. We also share the same fandom because we like awesome things (HAH) especially when it comes to otome/animanga dudes.

Delphine . The OtomeDeredere .
» The charming Delphine~ Delphine is like my shota buddy. haha. We pretty much tend to like the same shotas sometimes especially if the voice actor is Yuki Kaji who is beginning to build his own empire of shota. We also both appreciate art and Delphine likes to draw fanarts and represent them in a refreshing and lovely way. (Which to me shows her personality from her drawings as well.)

Below my affiliated sites! These websites are owned by wonderful & talented people! I'm very grateful to know them all, so check out their awesome sites!

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