The Last Song Studio

Aminuet also known as the Last Song studio was born in December 20, 2009. The name came from the work "minuet" which I randomly picked from the back of my Suzuki Book 1. It started as a fanlisting collective site but then gradually became a collective domain hosting my shrines as well.


Hey ho! I'm called Kibumie online. I'm currently a senior illustration student and a web design ninja. I like to read/watch shonen, shoujo, and reverse-harem animanga; especially stories with good quality and storytelling. I like Batman and Deadpool. I sometimes play otome games; which is my excuse to learn Japanese even though I barely have plans to visit the said country. I love black and white; and also the colour red! My layouts tends to go to this scheme. When it comes to favourite characters, mine tends to be the uptight megane wearing stick-in-a-mud dudes. I think they are fascinating. I also like the angst-y type. Specifically characters who are powerful (talented, genius, etc) on the outside but conflicted in the inside. I like them struggling which force them humility. ♥ Lastly, I have a weakness for brotherly love type of stories, and it's obvious that my fandom resides within this genre. most of the time. I also like to chat on twitter and you can find me @kibumie. I also have a small personal blog at dreamwidth and scream my feelings on my otome blog at wordpress.