The Last Song Studio

Aminuet also known as the Last Song studio was born in December 20, 2009. The name came from the work "minuet" which I randomly picked from the back of my Suzuki Book 1. It started as a fanlisting collective site but then gradually became a collective domain hosting my shrines as well.


I'm Kibumie. I'm an artist and a web design enthusiast.

Web Design: I find that making shrines and fanlistings were a great way to spend my time in a trance. Like the others, I started using photoshop to make fancy banners for my profile and blogs. I gradually got into making blog skins which lead me to Fanlisting and Amassment community. Web Design became a huge interest for me since it's also a great form of creativity. As of now, my time for web designing has declined since I found the path which I want to do with my life. Even though it doesn't relate with Web Design, I still feel grateful to have this as my background since it has been handy time and time again.

Artist: I started to learn how to draw seriously and the many technicalities of drawing last year. Before drawing was something I find as a hobby which I did once or twice a month.