The Last Song Studio

Aminuet is a collective webspace floating in the internet clouds which contains fansites. The site was born on December of 2009 to host fanlistings and then morphed into what you see now. The name A - Minuet is found from my first Suzuki book at the glossary page. (It was an ini-mini-miny-moh moment.) Due to life priorities, I am leaving this site in static mode. And stepping down from my web-design ninja hobby and focusing on my goals in life instead. I don't know when Aminuet will leave the internet world, but as for now; it's still up and nesting.

A chart displaying my current interests and all time fandom.

P R O F I L E: I am called Kibumie online. I'm a recent grad in illustration and arts. I like sequential art and character designs (and now I focus my entire life in this realm)! My favourite colours are black, white, and red.