.. a summary of my beginnings.

.. dear friends, welcome to aminuet..

Aminuet is a collective space and contains fansites and fanlistings from subjects I like. I'm Kibumie and this lovely site has been online since winter of 2009. As of 2016, I have decided to downtime and archive Aminuet. My interests and priorities in life have changed, and I want to spend the hours of my days with the number one thing I love to do. Since Aminuet was a fun chapter in my life, I still want to see it online. This domain will stay online for as long as Winnie the Pooh exists! I'm still around and lurking with my beloved friends. If you want to chat with me: you can find me at discord via amassment or at my new twitter. If you have any inquiries regarding the site, please contact me here.

Plugging my baby ♥

.. archive sites

Here are the current un-updated sites I have accumulated from my time with aminuet.

.. friends

From the years I've spent with Aminuet, I've met a bunch of wonderful people that has the same interests with me. For more of the sites I am affiliated and acquainted, please visit my exit page.

For web resources and graphics I've used for my entire sites, fansites, and fanlistings → credit page. I do not own any of the characters I've made sites for, they are owned by their respected owners.